Road trip time!


Over the two years we’ve owned the Motor Palace, we’ve never stayed more than a couple of days at a time, and even though we have a great contractor, completing our “motel room” is taking forever because we’re not in Winslow to make choices.

So for our fifteenth wedding anniversary, we’re spending an entire week working on the Motor Palace. By week’s end we hope to have the room more or less complete, get a front display area arranged, and gut the carriage house. Wish us luck!


Since Sunday was our travel day, here are some pictures from the road.

Fantastic gas station flag!



Dog having a siesta in Seligman. He must have had too many tacos.


MP16We can never drive past Seligman without stopping.


It is the embodiment of all things Route 66, plus, the Snow Cap has awesome tacos.

MP 38

Last time we were in Seligman, John Delgadillo and his band put on a roof top concert. This time we had the pleasure of listening to Angel, John, and Joe Delgadillo (who is 93), along with a couple of their friends, play lots of great classics. If you don’t know the history of the Delgadillo’s and Route 66, google it. They’re pretty cool guys.

I took about a million pictures of these guys, but I’ll spare you and post just a couple of my favorites.MP 25

MP 18

MP 30

MP 29



mp 23

MP19When they asked for requests, I shouted out Girl from Impanema, and Angel shook his head, “Nooooooo,” he said. He and the girl have some not-so-great history, so they played Caravan instead, and boy was it great! As always, Seligman made the eight hour drive to Winslow truly spectacular.


MP7I swear, each time we come back, the town looks better and better. The trees they planted a year ago are growing in. The streetlights look fantastic. It’s amazing how far this town has come in two years. My feller sure nailed this one! He had a feeling the town had potential, and he was right.

We brought a couple of things out to the Motor Palace, namely our 1957 Harley-Hummer barn-find Brian’s pal Bryan picked up for us a couple of years ago.


And a cool Belly Tanker Levi had laying in his backyard, one his mom felt would dress up the trash can nicely. We think it will look great hanging from the rafters at the Motor Palace.


The Hummer looks right at home here!

MP2It didn’t take long before we had visitors. LuAnne and Stephen Hancock, who reopened the theater across the street this past January, popped over to say hello. Since the theater has been empty during the time we’ve owned the Motor Palace, it’s great to see it up and running . They’ve been hosting lots of events and certainly seem to be on the right path. Be sure to check them out if you’re in town.

Their son Aiden was totally smitten with the Hummer. Brian provided the power as Aiden steered around Kinsley for a good fifteen minutes. Kid had pretty good control and a HUGE smile!


We also had a great chat with the Hurley family from Oklahoma City, who are doing a bonsai Route 66 run to California. They plan to cruise the coast, and take on some thrill rides at the amusement parks. We’ll be following along on their blog, West Bound & Down!

Photo Courtesy Brad Hurley


20130617-131954.jpgWe’re really looking forward to our week here, getting stuff done and talking to all of the great people cruisin’ Route 66. And now… it’s time to get to work!

Until next time!

Later Gators!

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  1. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! Best wishes for checking things off the list in Winslow…and of course having a swell adventure as always 😉

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