Day 3 – 1034 Miles from Home


After a lovely night’s stay in the Jane Wyman room at the El Rancho, we hopped on the 40 and got off a short bit later on Continental Divide to get to Route 66. For the most part, the Mother Road simply parallels the 40 in this section, but it’s still nice to get off the Interstate–even if it isn’t quite as smooth and not quite as fast. At least there’s no traffic and you’re surrounded by nature instead of asphalt.

We were rewarded just outside of Milan where the road got a bit curvy and cut through some of the red rocks. Fantastic!

And so was the weather! Most of the day I actually felt chilled.

The exceptional moment of the day came at the end.

Delicious dinner at Joseph’s in Santa Rosa with THE BEST red chile…

… And the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari. This place is pure perfection. In addition to being adorable…

The owners (and their dogs) were warm and welcoming and at sunset all the guests gathered outside and got acquainted. Spain, Australia, Hamburg… All enjoying a lovely warm evening in the midst of their Route 66 Adventure. Truly what it’s all about.

And did I mention the rooms have their own garages??? Seriously!

And now I’m going to get off my mobile device and go be social.


Until tomorrow,

Later Gators

5 thoughts on “Route 66: Gallup, NM to Tucumcari NM”

  1. Just pure awesomeness!I have traveled that route as a passer-by but never stopped at these wonderful places. It’s a pleasure to read your blog, It really does take me to a better place and the troubles of the day just seem to wash away. Thank You!

  2. Wow…what a great day you had! Love the pics especially the bedspread! Tee hee! Xoxo

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