Day 14 – 3088 Miles

PONTIAC, IL to CUBA, MO – 306 Miles

I’m going warn ya… This isn’t a thrill-a-minute post, so I’ll keep it short. We didn’t get out of Pontiac until nearly one because of the great museums, like this Pontiac Museum.

The man who owns this collection (who lives out of state) decided he wanted his cars in a Pontiac, either Illinois or Michigan, and eventfully chose Illinois. Excellent choice!

We went to the Walldog Sign Art Museum (the Walldogs descended on Pontiac in 2009 and painted a bunch of murals in just a few days)…

…and there we talked with Colleen, the very knowledgeable recent college grad who runs the place, about the success of their Route 66 Revival and what they did to achieve that in just three years. Some good ideas for Winslow! We made a quick run through the Route 66 Museum and saw Bob Waldmire’s bus (google him… He’s an interesting feller)…

Then we got moving again. As for the ride, we blasted down the Interstate to make up for lost time…Yawn! We wanted to make it to Mungers Moss in Missouri but bad construction traffic in St Louis and our late start didn’t make that possible. Instead, we called it a night in Cuba Missouri at the Wagon Wheel where we stayed on the trip out.

See? Told you it wouldn’t be action packed! Today we’re revisiting my favorite spot on the road, one we had to blast through last time due to rain. So excited!

Until next time,

Later Gators

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  1. Thanks, Cindy! We certainly are! It’s why I write daily, to keep it all straight! ( and cause mommy asked me to!)

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