Day 13 – 2782 Miles


I love my motorcycle. And I was SO happy to get back in the saddle! Even with the city traffic.

While cruising an L.A.-like ten mile-per-hour freeway crush through Chicago, I got caught doing something silly (sillier than kissin my sickle). Whenever I get fatigued on the bike, I sing really loud (I’m best with instrumentals). My music of choice while slogging through the traffic and heat? Trumpet sounds to the tune of I Dream of Jeannie. Full volume. Low speed. Windows open on the truck next to me, with the driver laughing his ass off. But let’s just skip all the traffic nonsense through Chicago and Joiliet and get to the good stuff.


Brian, of course, appeased the beast by humbling himself at its feet.

Looking at the creature again, I’m thinking he might be more Space Man than Martian. By the way, if you want to see him, he’s in Wilmington Illinois at the Launch Pad Drive-In. We wanted to lunch there, but they were closed.

Hey!! Look what we saw hiding up on a hill somewhere after Wilmington! I always knew F1s were King of the Hill!

On the trip out, we passed through Pontiac Illinois but the streets were closed due to a car show. It looked to be a charming town with town square and courthouse and lots of 66 pride so we vowed to hit it on the trip back. There were a lot of places like that along the Route, which is why we’re taking the Mother Road home. Because it took so stinking long to get through Chicago traffic we got to Pontiac around dinner time…

…and figured we’d check for a cool, historic hotel. The second we parked, we saw a sign for Lydia’s Loft above Lydia’s Cup, and yes, it was available.

The owner/cook-for-the-day took us on a tour.

Wow!!! A full apartment over the restaurant, two bedroom, kitchen, living room, for around the price of a Hampton Inn!

A one of a kind, not to be forgotten stay with a view of the courthouse out the front windows.

After a fine breakfast at Lydia’s Cup, we’re going to do a quick museum tour, then get moving again!

Until tomorrow,

Later Gators!

Check out Brian’s perspective too!

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