July 16, 2017 – Howdy friends! If while cruising the Motor Dolls site you find disconnected pictures or wonky formatting, or if you’re looking for a post from this year and it’s now gone, there’s a reason why. (And no… it has nothing to do with this randomly placed photo of my tailgate I took today…)

We had a website mishap last week trying to clean up some files in our hosting database. Turns out an old, unused URL held all of our important hosting files, including the databases for our four sites. The file got deleted and was not recoverable. The very patient folks at GoDaddy helped best they could, but no such luck. Not only did we lose all of our data, the hosting site became corrupted as well.

In short, we had a mess on our hands.

Being the bull-headed beast that I am, I didn’t sweat it too much because I’d been doing regular site exports. My author site (LoriBentleyLaw.com) had a backup from a few days prior, and Motor Dolls from January (haven’t done much posting this year, so lost only one post). No biggie, right??


Turns out, site exports aren’t the best way to back things up. I did recover all of my posts (thank goodness!) and some of the site design, but lost all of the photos attached to the posts–and I’m a photographer, so my posts are always photo-heavy, like in this post, where I’ve included car photos from today for no reason other than they’re pretty.

So there it is. The reason behind why you may find posts with disconnected pictures. Gradually I will go through and rebuild, but I’m not sure if I can (1) get through six years of posts, (2) find the photos I used, and (3) remain sane through the process.

At least I still have the content, plus, this gave me an excuse to redesign the site (it’s a work in progress, so bear with me). If I’ve written about you on the site, and you have the photos/copy of the post, an email with said images would be super helpful.

Many thanks for your patience!

Later gators!

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