There’s this myth that it never rains in Southern California. You know what? It’s a lie. It does.(Cool photo taken by Big Daddy Bart Barber out in Mojave. Yes, that’s in California.)

Sure a bit of Rain X on the glass helps. Kind of. Sort of. And Bondorella had wipers. Kind of. Sort of. The old vacuum wipers worked for a little while. Kind of. Sort of. But after sitting for a while, they decided to take a break and I decided to make their break permanent. Like it or not, electric wipers simply work better. Absolutely. Definitely.

Can I just tell you what a pain in the rear it was getting to the vacuum unit? Man! That thing is all the way up under the narrow little dashboard. I took out the instrument panel, and that helped somewhat, but I had to do some serious contortion work to get up in there and get it out and then get the new unit back in.I’d love to go detail by detail through the tedious process of making the conversion, but really, other than the tight quarters and a fitting pressed in too tight, it was a pretty darned simple job. It mounted into the existing wiper motors like a breeze.

Tapped into a hot wire. And Voila! Wipers. That work. Absolutely. Definitely. YES! Come on, rain! I’m not afraid of you!!! Okay… maybe a little. After all, Bondorella’s not exactly watertight. But that’s a project for another day…

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