October 18, 2016 – The impossible happened in Pismo Beach. A spectacle to end all spectacles! An event I never thought I would see because, one, up until now it was only in Wildwood New Jersey, and two, never in a gazillion years did I think California–with all of its no fun allowed regulations–would permit it.

So what is this “it” I speak of? An Automotive Carnival put on by Stultz and Green Productions and hosted by the Oilers CC/MC, featuring  a race on the beach. More specifically a race of 1920s-1940s cars and motorcycles, flying through the rain and fog across the California sand against a backdrop of period correct structures, banners, spectators, and of course, the Pacific Ocean. What a thing to see!

To get a clearer picture, here are the rules:

  • Year: Car body must be 1934 or older, American made only
  • Engine: 1948 or older, American made (1949-1953 Ford flatheads are acceptable) No stock 1949 Overhead Valves are excepted.
  • Fuel: Gas only, no Alcohol or Nitro
  • Running gear: 1953 and older. No modern transmissions, disc brakes, alternators, etc.
  • Additional requirements and restrictions: No headlights, no white wall tires, no Fenders on hot rods (some very early-teens racers and speedsters may be exempt but must be pre approved). Cars must have visible race numbers.
  • Paint: Period paint that emulates the time period. No late model graphics, No vinyl stickers or emblems, etc. Cars can be shiny or old paint.


From Stultz and Green Productions:

“We have always held a great appreciation for our American automotive heritage and the ingenuity of all those that came before us. From the engineering geniuses of the Industrial Revolution to the backyard mechanics that turned a set of tools and gumption into what we know as hot-rodding today, the Race of Gentlemen was created to celebrate that rich and exciting history and our “can do” spirit that made this country so great! We hope you share our passion for the past and will join us in this automotive carnival known as TROG!”

Automotive Carnival… Such an apt description of the event.

Going to TROG was a last minute decision. My pal Grease Girl–who crewed for Jessi Combs last year in Wildwood–posted her plans to go. For some silly reason, I thought it was an invite only event, but a couple of days before, I saw tickets were still for sale, so I texted Kristin and off we went for a classic adventure.

It rained. ALL day. Rained so much they canceled Sunday. But honestly? It didn’t matter. We got to experience this incredible visual carnival. In fact, the rain added to the mood and made for a stellar photo backdrop.


People, people, people!

On an interesting side note, only after the event–via Instagram–did we realize the number of people there we knew! Hats and umbrellas and jackets make it hard to identify people, like former Featured Motor Doll Junkyard V, who got engaged at the event! One we did manage to see Sunday morning at a cafe, was another former Featured Motor Doll, Rhea, from Australia. What a lovely human being! We greatly enjoyed getting to know her.

Many thanks to Stultz and Green Productions and the Oilers CC/MC, who have been around since 1947, for their long tradition of preserving what once was, and for keeping that colorful past alive through events like The Race of Gentlemen.

Until next time,

Later gators!


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