Anya and Ashmore of Babes Ride Out

MORONGO VALLEY, CA – Social media is an odd thing. I’ve made tons of virtual friends through Instagram and Facebook, many I’ve never met, some I’ve had only a brief encounter with, but somehow, I feel a part of their lives, you know?

Take for example the Babes behind Babes Ride Out (an all-girl annual motorcycle campout). I’ve followed them on social media, but hadn’t met in person until today, at a Morongo Valley gas station.

Ashmore and Anya had been in Joshua Tree working on details for this year’s campout (which already has over 600 registrants from around the world!!!). I knew they were in JT from an Instagram post, but certainly didn’t think we’d end up fueling our motorcycles at the same gas station before heading back to SoCal.

Serendipity, man.

Speaking of motorcycles, it had been far too long since I’d been on one. Ever since buying our weekend getaway in Yucca Valley (adjacent to Joshua Tree), my Triumph and Sportster have seen way too much garage time. During the week, I’m in an oh-so-sexy newsvan. On the weekends, we head to Yucca Valley in our truck to transport laundry and food. The only two-wheeled time I’ve had is on my ’76 Honda TL125 out in the dirt.

But last weekend, on my way back to the OC, a big-rig sideswiped me, putting our Dodge in the shop (no damage to me). Without our regular transportation, we opted to leave the laundry behind, and head out on the bikes.

Pretty hard to beat.

And what better way to top off a mighty fun weekend, than to have a serendipitous encounter with these fantastic Babes.

So let’s chat a bit about Babes Ride Out.

A couple of years ago, the Babes had their first campout in Borrego, shortly after the East Side Moto Babes campout I went to. The event has grown exponentially. Hundreds and hundreds of girls on motorcycles convening in the surreal and wonderful Joshua Tree. How spectacular is that? I didn’t go to the Borrego event or last year’s Joshua Tree event because the weekend conflicted with our trip to the Motor Palace for Winslow’s annual car show and the Standing on the Corner event.

As luck has it, Anya and Ashmore moved this year’s event to the end of October. No more conflict! My pal Dana asked if I planned to go, so… I popped online and got my ticket. Woo hoo!

BRO 3 Poster

The closer the event gets, the more excited I grow, especially after meeting Anya and Ashmore, and discovering how cool and down to earth they truly are. Tickets are still available if you’re interested in going.

And hey! If you’re planning to Ride Out, by all means, Email me! We’re working on a meet-up point at Pomona Valley Harley Davidson, where they’ll have some special stuff going on for the Babes Riding Out.

For other meet-up locations, keep an eye on the Babes Ride Out Instagram page and their Blog. They will post them as time gets nearer.

Until next time,

Later Gators!


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  1. such an interesting post and great pics! Loved it and glad you like the Lonely Bull now ..I think it’s beautiful and BIG! Xoxo

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