Like Bondorella’s new flames?


Ha ha ha! Nope. I didn’t paint her. This is what happens at sunset. Pretty, huh? One of the many joys of photographing Bondorella is capturing her magic in varying light. When sunset hit at the Roadster show, this is what happened. She caught fire! The angle must have been just right because I’d never seen quite this look before. So super cool!

So the Roadster show.


The L.A. Roadster show is held every father’s day at the Pomona Fairgrounds, and has very special meaning for me.

Let’s step back five years ago, to Father’s Day 2006. Brian and I decided to spend the day there, and I had a mission: to find every ’48 Ford F1 in the specialty car section of the show. I know, I know. You’re supposed to go there to look at the Roadsters, but really, it’s kind of overkill. When you see so many all parked together, they sort of lose their impact. But anyway… my mission. I was deep in the throes of working on my novel, MOTOR DOLLS, and had decided to change Benny’s truck from a Studebaker to a Ford, so wanted to eyeball some in person so I could nail down all of the little nuances. I found a few fully restored trucks, took lots of pictures, made a bunch of mental notes, but they were too perfect for my character. Then we walked over the swapmeet section, and a dirty green beast caught my eye. This was more like it! I grabbed some shots, made my mental notes, then started to walk away.  Brian, however, thought she was worth considering to buy. I hadn’t even thought of buying a truck at that point. As you may know from reading my How it Began page, I didn’t buy her that day, but after lingering in my head for a month, I looked at the pictures I took that day, blow up the picture so it was big enough to read the number painted on the windshield, and called the number. And, well… the story of Lori and Bondorella began.

So you can see why the Roadster show is special to me! This is where I found my precious truck!


RS3This year, my fellow Gasoline Girl Kristin and I went, although we got there super late because I was a guest speaker at the Rosie’s Girls conference, a great program teaching pre-teen girls non-traditional trades. We didn’t get there until two-ish, and most were already covering their cars and heading out.

We spent most of our time hanging out in the specialty car parking lot with the Throttle Kings car club. Mynor did some bitchin’ burnouts.RS2

All in all, it was a super fun, relaxing day hanging out with friends. No big spectacle. No scenester action. Just having fun. Exactly my kinda day! Heck! Craig from My Ride is Me even cooked us hamburgers on his grill. What more could a girl ask for?

RS4Until next time….

Later gators and gatorettes!

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