Yeah, I know. I’ve been slackin’. But there’s been a lot going on lately!

Like what, you ask?

Well… my club, the Gasoline Girls have been building a demolition derby car for a charity event! You can read all the details on our blog!



And… we at last have progress on the Motor Palace in Winslow! Read all about that on the Motor Palace blog!



Then of course there’s work, and… you know… stuff… and our club Prez getting married (woo hoo!!)… But I have managed to get Bondorella out and about as well.


She did a grand job transporting my ’66 Yamaha YM1 to the annual Trailblazers banquet! Not that the bike is “show” quality… but Tom White, who runs the show, asked me to bring it and how could I refuse Tom!



We also went to the Rudy Martinez Memorial Car Show. Rudy was an incredibly creative car guy/upholsterer, as you can see by his Truckula.


We wanted to pay our respects to Rudy and his family. Rudy and I had been working on upholstery plans for Bondorella, and sadly that can’t happen now. He’s the one who did the super cool seat on my YM1, pictured above. When I saw the awards, I really wanted to win one because of the great picture of Rudy on it… and Bondorella came through, winning second place in the Custom category.



At our monthly Gasoline Girls meeting, we had a group Wrench Day, where we each worked on a project to cross off our to-do list. Bondorella was due for a good head torquing, so I took care of that. Dang! It sure is hard to pull 60 pounds of torque! Plus, I finally accepted that I do indeed have a problem with my intake manifold. There’s been a chronic oil leak since getting her on the road that I hadn’t yet traced. Tried the oil pan. The plug. But yes… it is in fact coming from my manifold. Not sure yet if it’s just a gasket issue, or if the manifold needs to be planed. When the madness of the summer season calms down, I’ll pull her apart and find out.



And lastly… Bondorella won another prize! This time winning Best Special Construction at the Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Hot Rod show where we had our May Gasoline Girls meeting!


We had a great day hanging with the bikers and hot rodders, and inducted FIVE new members into the club, including Jennifer, who owns this hot T-Bucket. The Double D T and Bondorella became fast pals! Go Fords!


So what’s in store for this weekend?? Bondorella gets to transport the bride (club president Kristin) to her wedding!!! Reckon I’ll be gettin’ her good and cleaned up before then!

Until next time….

Later gators and gatorettes

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