BIG BEAR, CA –It’s rare to meet a six-year-old with as many experiences notched in her belt as my pal Valentina.

Running with dinosaurs.

 Robbing bees with grandpa.
Racing tricycles.

  Wrangling airplanes.

 Off-roading with her dad.
Once, when she was four, she even went on an eleven day, mostly dirt trek from Colorado to California in a 1930 Model A Ford Telephone lineman’s truck, going over the smallest roads they could find and camping along the way.



Her dad, Barry (the photographer behind all of these phenomenal photographs) does an amazing job exposing her to many different types of adventures, the kind that don’t involve keypads and joysticks–although they often involve steering wheels and handlebars.

With Grandpa on his 1912 Excelsior

For Valentina’s sixth birthday, she got a motorcycle all her own, an OSET 16 electric.    Naturally, she took right to it.

 Not even the spills got her down for long.IMG_7712.JPGIn typical Valentina fashion, she got right back on.IMG_7714.JPGOn this day, a true Motor Doll was born…


… and I’m proud to call her friend.


Until next time…

Later gators!

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One thought on “Six-Year-Old Motor Doll Valentina!”

  1. I completely love this article! A child with spirit and character Thanks to those adults around her. Not to mention the fact that she is a really cool kid! Keep on little Valentina being who you are!

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