LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – She’s known as Junkyard V, a platinum blonde, boot-wearing grease monkey who’d rather scavenge for junkyard treasures than shop in a trendy boutique; rather blaze down the road in her ’51 Shoebox than ride in a limo; rather straddle her Road King than climb on the back of Prince Charming’s white horse.

She’s a girl who prefers patina and rust to perfection, a girl “just trying to fit into a man’s world“… and she’s doing it beautifully.

If she seems familiar, perhaps it’s because of this Lucas Oil ad. How fantastic that they used a genuine Motor Doll with both beauty and passion rather than just another pretty girl. Go Lucas Oil!

And oh yeah… that rat rod she’s leaning on in the ad? One of her projects. Uh huh!

Junkyard V’s passion for hotrods started in Oahu, after standing on the front seat of her Uncle’s ’57 Gasser while he hauled ass down Farrington Highway. Instead of cowering in the corner, she screamed for him to go faster. She was five. After that, she became a regular in his garage, helping him get tools, and she’s never been out of one since.

There is no better feeling of accomplishment then to wrench on your own machine and take it out for a test run.

Every car or motorcycle lover has a perfect moment, a moment that makes their heart swell in a way that’s hard to explain, although Junkyard V does it pretty nicely.

A perfect ride is when you become one with your machine, the purr of your motor becomes silent and all you see is the road in front of you. Some call it flying, I call it heaven on earth. The perfect drive is a midnight cruise home. The world seems to be tucked away in bed. The air is crisp. Just you, your hotrod with lake pipes and the open hwy.

Yeah, baby.

So what’s her current project? A couple of years ago, while roaming the junkyard, she spied a ’63 Rambler destined for the crusher.

Like an animal lover rescuing a pet from the pound, Junkyard V loaded the car up, and took her home. If she could, I’m sure she’d rescue every junkyard stray on the lot. She’d be, like, the Super Hero of Junkyards. HAVE NO FEAR! JUNKYARD V IS HERE!

When she’s not roaming the junkyards or getting greasy in the garage, you can find her hanging with her aptly named car club, The Junkyard Girls, and with the Cherry’s Social Club. These girls seriously know how to have fun, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about? (BTW… My feller just pointed out how much the photo below looks like the cover for Motor Dolls. How cool is that?? Scroll down and see for yourself.)

Want to be like V? Here’s a little advice from her.

Don’t be afraid of doing what your heart feels. It’s not rocket science. Get dirty, get wrenchin, get in the garage!

So what’s it like being a girl in traditionally man’s world? V says the guys have been nothing but kind.

Today’s society has greeted us with open arms and great advice and for this I am grateful.

Well Miss Junkyard V, we’re grateful to have you in it.
If you’d like to see more of Junkyard V, coming January 2014, she’ll make some guest appearances with the WelderUp crew on the Discovery Channel! Not sure yet of the show name, but I’ll let you know when we find out! In the meantime, go friend her on Facebook! She loves getting to know her fellow car girls!
UPDATE: November, 2013 – V is now a member of what was an all MALE car club!! “I am now in the Dragstrip Zombies CC and pretty proud to break the barriers of a man’s world. Thank you to all the guys that think it’s cool that us girls like to wrench too! xoxo” Go V!!!

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  1. My daughter is the same way the boys help the ol man out they are good at it what ever it is BUT the girl is the one who gets excited when she hears a car bark second or 3rd she has been on every test ride since she was 3 !

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