48 ford f1 with Flathead

Bondorella’s Flathead

My Feller has a saying: “Nobody ever listens to old Brian!” In this case? He was right. I should have listened. When I bought my ’48 Ford in 2006, the truck had a barely running mid-50s OHV6–not the coolest motor. For Christmas that same year, Brian surprised me with a flathead, an early 50s Mercury…

Yikes! No Brakes!

Bondorella’s Brake Failure, and how to fix bad brakes… the slow way. I came to appreciate something a few Saturdays ago. BRAKES!! We take them for granted, assuming when we press the pedal, we’ll stop. But… OH HELL! When you press the pedal and it goes to the floor?? That’s a frightening thing, especially in…

G Girl Head

Headliner Woes

When I bought Bondorella, her interior was pretty much stripped. No headliner, visors, knobs, dash pieces, ashtray… you get the point. Over the years, I’ve managed to replace all of the pieces and make her actually feel like a warm and cozy truck again.

Putting in the Wood Bed!

There’s nothing purtier than a wood bed in a pickup, don’t you think? My Bondorella, though, didn’t have one. No. She had a sheet metal bed when I bought her. At first, I thought someone had simply welded it in over the wood, because when you looked underneath, there were all these splintered boards jutting…