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Motor Dolls: Perfect Gearhead Gal Book

MotorDollsCover-copy-667x1024I love to read. So much in fact that I often have several books on my nightstand that I am reading at the same time.I enjoy reading everything from Dave Ramsey to Danielle Steel, with an occasional Harlequin Romance thrown in for spice. Therefore a book review would seem to be right up my alley, right? But many times when I have to read because I have to write a review, it’s too much like work and I end up hating it. And when I don’t enjoy the book, I refuse to waste any more time on it.

Motor Dolls appeared on my radar when the author, who is also featured as our cover story this issue, chose our calendar to advertise in. I looked up the story, and got excited and asked her if I could review it.

I got sucked into the story immediately. There was no boring character development, you were thrust into the lives of gal pals Jeda and Benny at the beginning of their relationship, and learned about Jeda with Benny. Jeda reminds me of those adrenaline junkies you see on reality shows, where you say “What the hell is she doing?”

This book got me into a little bit of trouble, as I enjoyed it so much that I did little other than read. The book is a page turner, and the perfect book for someone like me.

If you like books with romance, mystery and action, this book is for you! The story is dynamic and exciting, yet still PG and appropriate to have in any home. The Mysterious Man in Gray is creepy enough to give you the chills, but exciting enough to wonder who he is. I was not able to predict the ending or where the story ever was going.

The bonus? I told Lori that she really needed to continue this story, and was informed of a eventual prequel and sequel! We will definitely keep our eye on her projects! Watch here for more on Lori!

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