My goodness, it’s been an exciting several weeks, and I’m way overdue updating this blog. Much of this will be “old news” if we’re Facebook friends, so really, this post is just to keep my adventures in one place–my motoring journal of sorts–so that, you know, when I’m old and gray-er, I can look back at all the fun I had.

After returning from our trip through Utah and Colorado, before I’d even had a chance to wash the dirt off the Chromester, my bike and I hit the road for an all-girl motorcycle campout.

camp campout

It was such a blast. You can read all about that, here. And where is here you ask? The new website for my novel MOTOR DOLLS!! (More about the novel release in a bit…) Does that mean I’ll stop blogging on this page? Nah. This blog will remain focused on my personal adventures with my beloved beasts. The MOTOR DOLLS blog will highlight book activity, PLUS (and more importantly) feature Motor Dolls from around the globe!


What other exciting things happened? Same weekend as the campout, I found out my Bonneville tank was done and ready to be picked up!! If you remember a few months ago, I had some problems with my Bonnie, and figured while I had her apart, I’d give her a little makeover. The result? Check it out. Bondorella helped me with the delivery.
Meet the Bonnie Lass!


When I saw Dave Zemla’s plaid Sportster for Burly Brand

burlybrandlogo… I fell in love. Even cooler, I found out the paint job was done by one of our friends… PAINT BY SMOKEY (he also painted one of the girls bikes on the campout, Lindsey’s super cool Sporty, the gold one on the link page)!

I had to do this to one of my bikes. I mean, not EXACTLY like Dave’s bike, but conceptually, you know, PLAID. I chose to go the Blackwatch Tartan direction. When the time came, we took it to Smokey, and boy-oh-boy am I ever happy. He even did the tartan’s blue with a House of Kolor ice pearl, same kind of flake in Bondorella’s clear! It looks amazing.


Now I just need to get a doggoned taillight so I can ride the beauty! Maybe I’ll go visit my pals at BA Moto today and pick one up. Yeah. I’ll do that. Maybe I can even have it ready for the event tonight! Where am I going? The 4th Annual BABES ON MOTOS!!

BOMThe Babes even graciously offered part of their table for me to sign copies of MOTOR DOLLS. How cool, right? I’ll just pack a stack on the back of my Moto and hit the road.


Speaking of Motor Dolls…  OMG!! MOTOR DOLLS!!!! YAY!!! Ahem… Tired of hearing about my book yet? I really do apologize. When you’ve spent ten years of your life working on a project, it’s pretty darned exciting to finally see it in print!! Yes, my first novel (well, the first one worthy of publishing) is at last out in the world!!! It’s a thrilling, yet terrifying thing to put a creative endeavor out for others. There’s this fear of judgment. What if everyone hates it? What if I suck? But you know what? Even if it’s not perfect, it was my passion project. Are my more recent novels better? For sure. But the MOTOR DOLLS have a charm of their own, and deserved a chance to escape from my computer and become a tangible thing. So yes! Here they are!!


The novel is available on my website, www.motordolls.com, and also available on Amazon in both print and e-book form. If you order from me, I can autograph it for you (if that kind of thing matters to you)!


This is the shameless self-promotion part I’m not really fond of, so if you don’t like it either, feel free to skip. What’s coming up? I have the Babes on Motos event tonight, a book signing during Winslow’s big car show October 5th at the Arizona 66 Trading CompanyScotty Gosson did a lovely write up about the novel which lead to a booking for a New York radio show MOTOR MOUTH RADIO, tentatively set for October 20th, and it looks like I might be a judge for the Deus bike build off on October 26th (although I’m thinking they might come to their senses and figure out I’m totally not qualified!)! I have an author profile on GOODREADS. If you hang out there too, come friend me!

Okay. So two favors, if I might ask. If you order the book, I’d love a picture of YOU with the BOOK in an interesting place for the Motor Dolls Facebook album. If you know me, you know I’m a picture person, and it’s been such fun seeing the book in the hands of the readers! Also, if you read the book and feel inclined to write a review, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d post it on either GoodReads or Amazon.

Whew!  Enough of all that. Time to get out of bed and go get that taillight for my Bonnie.

Until next time…

Later gators!

One thought on “Motorcycle Campout, New Bonnie Paint, and… THE RELEASE OF MY NOVEL!!!”

  1. Great read, as always! So grateful that you make time for this blog, Lori. You’re good. Hope you have some fun with your promotional appearances (I know, they make me squirm, too, like any growth step). I’ll be cheering you on. Hope to get a Motor Dolls book this winter to keep me warm.


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