ORANGE, CALIFORNIA – Hello and happy Thursday!

So what’s happening in the Motor Doll world?

Let’s get to the good, Motor Doll kinda stuff first. I have an exciting weekend ahead. A few months ago, my ’04 Trump left me stranded thanks to some carburetor issues. (You can read all about that, here.) In addition to that, while loading her in the truck, the plastic taillight housing broke. Argh.


Considering the bike needed some TLC, I figured why not do a little facelift all the way around–change out the taillight, different handlebars, rebuild the carb, and… PAINT. I had an idea of something I wanted to do (an idea I stole from Dave), and my feller said, why not? After I stripped her down, he took the tank to our friend Smokey for a very special treatment. And guess what??? It’s going to be ready this weekend! Yippee!!! I can’t WAIT to see it.


I’m going to HAVE to wait to see it. Why? Because I’m heading out on an all-girl motorcycle campout with the East Side Moto Babes! My pal Kat texted me this morning and said, “Wanna?” and I said, “Yeah!”

Okay, so the conversation was a bit more detailed than that, but you get the gist.


Looks like it will be about thirty girls on motos heading to the lake for a little outdoor slumber party. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty darned excited! Be assured I’ll take lots of pictures and scribble all about it on this blog next week.

Plus there will be pictures of the Triumph tank!

Life is good.

And now let’s take care of some book business.

The novel files have been accepted by the distributor (after a slight delay due to the holiday weekend) and the book is being printed as we speak. Expected arrival?? TUESDAY!!! Woo hoo! For those who pre-ordered THANK YOU! Yours will be the first shipped when they arrive. If you haven’t pre-ordered , you can still take advantage of the free shipping and the special gift!


What else you ask? There’ve been some website additions if you haven’t noticed. Bios for both the cover artist and font designer are now on the ABOUT MOTOR DOLLS. I owe both of them a huge thanks. Creating an eye-catching cover meant a great deal to me, and I’m over-the-moon thrilled with the result. Don’t you agree? Let me know what you think in the comments section. And
MotorDollsCover copywhile you’re down there by the comments section, you’ll notice a checkbox below the comment box that says — just in case you’d like to subscribe and never miss a single, scintillating installment.

Also new, at the bottom of each page, are snippets of what readers are saying about the novel. If you’d like to chime in, by all means either leave an Amazon review, comment on the blog, or drop me a line!

Speaking of Amazon, the Kindle version is up and available for purchase. The print version will be on Amazon in a couple of weeks, although if you buy from the link here, I can autograph it for you. Ain’t that just grand?

Here’s something new! If you like to have both Kindle and Print, Amazon is launching the Kindle MatchBook program, where if you buy the print edition, you can get the Kindle edition for cheap, like a buck. Cool, huh? I’ve made MOTOR DOLLS eligible, so once the distributor gets it up and going, that option will be available.

Enough of the sales pitch! That’s so not me.

Until next time…

Later gators!


Oh! And please post or email me pictures of you with your rides (motorcycles, cars, bicycles, Segways…) so I can add them to the Motor Dolls around the Globe album!!

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