ORANGE, CA – Yes, another Motor Dolls review to post! Positive reviews from (normally) impatient readers always thrill me. Check out this lovely review from LIA Magazine Editor, Julia Aschenberg.

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Motor Dolls

Hotrods!…Motorcycles!… And A Mysterious Man in Gray!
A Novel by – Lori Bentley Law

Lori Bentley Laws Motor Dolls Novel

I met Lori Bentley Law a few years back through me doing LIA Magazine. In fact is was at the GNRS Show in Pomona CA. Lori has a love of anything that has a motor in it and will move. However, I would have to say her true love is probably when she is on her motorcycle.

Lori and I had kept in contact with one another off and on. When she contacted me about her book I was intrigued as to what the novel was about. After checking it out I asked her if I could buy a copy. She stated that she would love to give me one and have me review the novel. She did indeed sent me the book, however, life got in the way for me and I never seemed to have the time to sit down and read the book. Because of the personal family items I needed to deal with at the time, whenever, I had time to sit I ended up falling asleep. Well things finally slowed down and I was able to sit down and read Lori’s novel.

Well let me tell you if you like to read books, especially mysteries, this is the book for you. I like all different types of books, however, the story has to grab my attention right away or I can’t continue reading unless I’m forced, like in school. For those scenarios you kind of cheat by skpping pages, asking friends if they read the book, etc.

Well for me and the Motor Dolls book, I started reading and found myself wanting to not stop reading. I wanted to find out what pickle the two friends Jeda and Benny would get themselves into the next day or week. I have never read a book where I had a hard time putting the book down, however, Motor Dolls I just wanted to keep reading. If you like adventures, mysteries, close calls, twist and turns in a story then this novel is for you. I am happy that Lori wanted to give me an opportunity to read the book and write a review. I wish her the best in many more novels that I am sure that Lori will write in the future years to come.

If you are wondering where to obtain a copy you can go to Lori’s website Motor Dolls to find out how to purchase a copy.

If you are wondering if Lori will be doing anymore writing, well as a matter of fact she has a sequel about Jeda’s Grandmother. This is what Lori has emailed me about the sequel:


Instead of moving forward in time, book two will be going back.

A Prequel

The motorcycle riding girl messing up my plan is Jeda’s grandmother, Marguerite, otherwise known as Greet. Writing the story of how she became what she did has taken over my every thought. She is so stinkin’ cool! The story, set in 1950, is chock full of fun motorcycle history, lots of exciting action, and of course, girl-powered adventure.

Keep your eyes out for more updates on Motor Dolls: The Gypsy Tour![/quote]

Your LIA Lady,
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