Bondorella hit an exciting landmark this past weekend. Is there a word like quinceanera but for a first birthday?? Unoceanera? Yeah… we’ll go with that. ‘Cause really, she deserves a fancy ball gown and tiara and tons of adoring fans for this momentous occasion.

BFFs Stude and Bondorella
BFFs Stude and Bondorella

Just over a year ago, the truck was completely deconstructed and prepped for clear. After five years in the shop, I wanted to drive her so desperately it hurt! I was obsessed! Here I’d spent all this money building her flathead, and still hadn’t tried her out.


We worked our butts off to get her all stripped down. Gene Winfield’s annual show was fast approaching, and the car club planned on going, and dang it! I wanted to drive my truck. And guess what? We did it!  Finally, after all that down time, it was time to climb behind the wheel and simply DRIVE!! And boy did I drive. Instead of taking her on a short trip to the beach or something, Bondorella’s premiere trip was a hundred and thirty mile trek to Mojave. Granted, it wasn’t the SMOOTHEST shake out run, but it wasn’t the truck’s fault; it was her stupid owner’s. Turns out, fuel is kind of important!  Click here to read all about it.

And here we are, a year later, Kristin, Stude, Bondorella, and I, returning to Winfield’s–and this time, the truck didn’t arrive on a flatbed. (And yes, I realize my windshield is cracked. I have the replacement, but am sort of attached to my old glass!)


I tell ya… I love spending extended time in her cab, listening to the clatter of her flathead, feeling the wind on my face. And heading somewhere as cool as Gene’s place makes it even better.


Gene Winfield, in case you don’t know, has been customizing cars for over sixty years, and has a unique, “futuristic” approach that is unmistakeable–and he’s been a great friend to the club. You can read all about him on his site.


Lori, Gene, and Kristin from his 2010 show.
Lori, Gene, and Kristin from his 2010 show.

We like Gene’s show because it’s pretty low key, plus, it’s a blast to cruise his junkyard. Yeah, I know, we should have checked out the show cars, but the old beasts out back are so intriguing! Kristin and I had a great time climbing all over this fine tractor. Oh, the fun we could have with this beauty!


I didn’t take too many pictures this trip. Sometimes I’m in a social mood, sometimes a creative mood, and sometimes a lazy mood. Saturday was definitely a lazy mood kinda day. Mainly, I was happy to drive my truck, and hang out with my pals. Just to prove there really was a car show, here are some shots!




After a couple of hours, Bondorella and I hit the road for the Motor Palace. Nothing prettier than sunset in the desert with a warm breeze blowing through the cab. Bondorella ran like a dream all the way home. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since she became road worthy.

Happy Unoceanera Bondorella!


Until next time…

Later gators!

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