Easter morning, we were layin’ around be lazy, waitin’ for the Easter Bunny to bring us chocolate (which he never did-the rat!) when Brian read online about a bike/car show at the Irvine Farmer’s Market… and heck… we needed some organic produce anyway, so we rolled out of bed, hopped in Bondorella, and headed to the Great Park–not with any intentions of entering Bondorella in the show.


When we got there, the car show looked pretty small, BUT… the show was closer to the Farmer’s Market (and we were still feeling exceptionally lazy), so we parked in the show with the handful of Corvettes, an El Camino, a VW Bug, a VW Phaeton, and some sort of big Ford Roadster. Not only did we get some purple carrots and golden beets and fresh baked multigrain bread… Bondorella walked away with Best in Show! Granted, Bondorella and I were probably the only New Faces at this weekly car show, and there weren’t very many entries, but I certainly appreciated it!


Ummm…. well. That was an exciting post. What else can I add…

Oh! I know! Last weekend, the G-Girls went to the Petersen Automotive Museum for their annual Women’s Day event, and of course Bondorella went along! We got special parking on the third floor just for our classic beasts! We even got to do a show and tell! (If I put enough explanation marks, maybe that will make this post more exciting, don’t ya think?!!)


Let’s see… in what other ways can I bore you…

Oh! I got some swell stuff for my ’59 Schwinn Fair Lady! Brian wanted a different seat for his Schwinn, and I wanted an S seat for mine (more true to original)… so I found this great seat on eBay…


…and also some off-white old grips to replace the black ones! Purty, eh?


Until next time…
Later Gators and Gatorettes!

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