So you drive a classic car, but how much do you know about the fashion of the era from which your car came? Like for instance, I drive a 1948 Ford F1. I’m thinking big shoulder pads, narrow-waisted jackets and skirts… or pants if you go the menswear route, like Katharine Hepburn. What would you wear to look period correct for your car?

Now’s your chance to find out AND… to dress the part as well!

In honor of women’s history month, Pati Fairchild, who created the Girls in the Garage tech workshops at El Camino College, is hosting an All-Girl Classic Car Show and Vintage Sale! More of a motorcycle girl? Ride it on in! Two-wheeled beasts are welcomed as well.


In addition to seeing a bunch of great ladies and their cars (or motorcycles), there will also be vendors, but don’t expect any reproduction here, only authentic vintage men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, patterns, fabric, and housewares! Jessie Sanchez of Classic Betty’s Rubbish will be there with some of her lovely vintage finds…


… AND, true to Girls in the Garage form, Jessie will be driving her freshly painted Falcon, thanks to the help of Gasoline Girls Pati, Kristin, and Jessie’s daughter, Alexis!If you’re interested in vending, spaces are 10′ wide x 20′ deep and are just $35, but remember, no reproduction, just authentic goodies. And hey… former Featured Motor Doll Junkyard V will be driving out from Las Vegas to vend there, too! 

There will be a DJ playing music from the 20s to the 80s and somewhere around noon, HOT ROD TRIO will take the stage! I saw them in Paso back when the Labor Day show was still there, and they rocked my socks off. They are truly a must see ensemble.

Every entrant gets a goodie bag, and there will be a few trophies, voted by the vehicle owners. Oh, and Pati says there are no speed bumps to get into the lot, so no worries of draggin’ those super-lows over the concrete like they did back in my high school where we had a ton of low-riders. I loved to watch them hydraulic their way over the obstacles. So cool. Anyway, no need for any such shenanigans at this event. Unless you want to…  Just sayin.

Vehicle entry is $10 and includes driver and all passengers. And remember…

All girls will be challenged to dress for the year of their car!

How fantastic is that? Want to see something else fantastic? This is my Great Aunt Georgia. Guess being a Motor Doll is in my blood. Wish I had that adorable dress she was wearing. Anyway… I digress.

The proceeds from the show will go toward a very good cause: the Girls in the Garage workshops, where Pati teaches everything from basic vehicle maintenance, to door ding and dent repair, to pinstriping. The next workshop will be Saturday, April 12 from 9am-12pm in the Shops building, room 400. Ladies can contact Pati by email, plus you can join the Facebook Group to keep up on all of her events.

Oh, and as for spectators? This event is FREE!! Yes, men, kids, and pets are welcome. Spectator parking is $3 on campus, or park for free in adjacent Lot L. It’s just a short walk across the street to where the show will be held: El Camino College in lots J and K, at the corner of Crenshaw and Redondo Beach Boulevard, with the entrance on the latter.

So pull those vintage outfits from the closet, get all gussied up, check your car’s fluids and drive your classic out to Pati’s event! No car to enter? Come on out and spectate! It should be quite a visual smorgasborg.

For vendor and vehicle registrations, CLICK THIS LINK.  

Until next time…

Later gators!

UPDATE 3/18/2014:

What a fantastic event!! Bondorella and I had a wonderful time reconnecting with old friends, plus, it was so stinkin’ cool to see all of those ladies driving in. Considering it was going to be 80 degrees, I settled on wearing a vintage housedress given to me by my mom’s friend Cindy, a dress that had belonged to her mother-in-law and had classic 1940s lines. I also added some vintage accessories, including a wide-brimmed straw hat to keep the sun off.

Pati did an amazing job, especially considering this was her first car show. Over and over that day, ladies thanked Pati and said they can’t wait until next year. And wow! What a turn out! (Photos throughout this post are of the event, inserted afterward!)

Until next time…

Later gators!

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