blacktopCheck it out! Bondorella found her way into another magazine! Thanks to our pal Tony T-Bone Colombini for this great shot of the Gasoline Girls rolling into the Mooneyes show. Following behind is Bella in her ’59 Bel Air, and Pati in her ’61 Chrysler New Yorker! We had a great turnout of about nine girls with four cars in the show, and luckily, (thanks to Rebecca’s race spots) got four spaces together to set up our camp. The information for the show said NO EASY UPS (which was total BS because there were easy ups EVERYWHERE)… so we had to improvise to hang our banner. Bondorella came in quite handy. Look at the poor girl all hillbilly-ed out! Ha!

MEBondoHillbillyWe spent much of the day watching the drag races and squealing like girls as people ran everything from this super cool 1912 Pierce motorcycle…

MEPierce…to our Gasoline Girl Rebecca running her Nova (who blew out her back window in the first run from going so fast)!

MERebeccaOf course we walked the show and checked out all the stellar classics. It’s funny. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of bare metal VW Buses lately. Guess I’m not the only fool to strip my paint off. Ha! Looks pretty cool, eh?

BareMetalBusBondorella and I modeled some jewelery for our girl Bella’s cousin.

MEjewelryThen we all piled in the back of Bondorella for our traditional group shot.

MEpickup bedAfter a wonderful day with old friends and new friends, checking out lots of spectacular cars, and cheering for the burnouts in the drags, we packed it up. Nighty night Bondorella!


Until the next one…

Later gators!

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, and to prove I’m really girl… Check out this cute dress I just bid on! 1930s house dress… with style. How cool is that fabric??


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