DENVER, COLORADO – I wrote this, my first blog post for the new MOTOR DOLLS website, from the road, just like any good Motor Doll should, right? The picture below was taken in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Yep. I said New Mexico! It’s a very cool little town up by Santa Fe.



This trip, I’m putting a couple thousand miles behind me, riding from Orange, California to Denver, Colorado on my ’04 Harley-Davidson 1200 Roadster. I’m a fan of long motorcycles trips, the kind where you throw a bag on the back, and go, no windshield (although I do wear a full-faced helmet), no saddlebags, no headphones. Just the road noise and all of my senses to enjoy every sight, smell, and sound around me. It’s my bliss. If you’d like to read about this trip and others, CLICK THIS LINK.

Since I write about my personal motoring journeys on the Bondorella and Friends blog, this blog  Since first writing this post, I’ve now combined my blogs for one stop reading, THE MOTOR PALACE PRESS BLOG, writing about my personal motoring journeys, book news, and my favorite posts,the FEATURED MOTOR DOLLS, profiling Motor Dolls around the globe, like my pal Kat who set a land speed record on a motorcycle just last week at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Or Kristin who is an automotive journalist, car club president, and all around Grease Girl (the name of her blog). Along with countless others.

If you know of a Motor Doll that should be featured here, please drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you! You can also find Motor Dolls on Facebook! Come Like the page and post pictures!! Of what you ask? You and your car/motorcycle/bicycle, and even better, a picture of you holding a copy of MOTOR DOLLS next to your car/motorcycle/bicycle! What? You haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet? What are ya waitin’ for? If you order before September 30th, 2013, you’ll get free shipping AND a special gift.

 Yee haw! The books should be available by mid-September. (PSST, UPDATE… Novel is available now, still with free shipping if you order from my Square Market Store!)

Until next time…

Later Gators!


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