Kayla and her Capri

June 27, 2017, Shumway, AZ The term “classic car” evokes an image for most people, but that image might not always be the same because each of us carry our own unique classic-car-ideal.

Bondorella’s Big Adventure

November 3rd, 2016 – Most of you out there have seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, right? If not, seriously, what are you waiting for?? Shockingly, my hubby falls into that latter category. I know, I know… he’s weird. Anyway, if you’re amongst the NORMAL people out there, you’ll remember the scene where Pee Wee visits the
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Babes Ride Out 4

October 23, 2016 – It’s true. I like nice people, and nice people who love classic cars and motorcycles? EVEN BETTER, which is part of what makes Babes Ride Out such a perfect event. In addition to a gazillion girls on motorcycles (okay, okay… more like 1600), there were tons of girls in…

The Race of Gentlemen

October 18, 2016 – The impossible happened in Pismo Beach. A spectacle to end all spectacles! An event I never thought I would see because, one, up until now it was only in Wildwood New Jersey, and two, never in a gazillion years did I think California–with all of its no fun allowed regulations–would permit it.
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REAL DEAL: Jessi and Theresa

June 10, 2016 – SO-CAL A while back, while spinning through my Instagram feed, I scrolled across a meme, the kind of thing I usually roll right past, but for some reason I paused on this one: There’s so much truth in this. You want leg muscles? Gotta do squats. Want to be a guitar god? Practice, practice, practice,
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Nicole and her ’53 Ford Project

  Chicago, Illinois – Sometimes, we find our cars. Sometimes, they find us. For Nicole with her ’53 Ford and me with my ’48, the latter rings true. In 2006, shortly after getting my Ford F1, I wrote a short story based on how my truck found me–with a few mystical elements added in. The story is told from two
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Hagerty Write Up!

Many thanks to Tara Hurlin for reviewing Motor Dolls and for this great writeup on Hagerty’s website! A little about Tara… TARA HURLIN has an addiction. An addiction to fast cars, Kustom culture and overlanding. An addiction to vintage fiberglass boats and motorcycles. An addiction to anything with a defined style and an engine. From
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Nurse Ratchet and her Toys

Dover Plains, New York – Jessica Long, aka Nurse Ratchet is a nurse and a car girl–thus the clever play on Nurse Ratched.  Don’t worry, though. Jessica won’t put you in a straight jacket or anything. She will however stick a ratchet to any loose nuts or bolts on “Fancy,” her 1961 Ford Falcon. This car gets driven, and I mean, DRIVEN. Seriously. I can’t
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Death Valley Super Bloom

DEATH VALLEY, CA – Oddly, I’ve never been to Death Valley. I say oddly, because of how much we love exploring the California desert. My feller’s been many times, so how had I not?

MotoLady Fifth Anniversary

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Alicia Elfving (aka MotoLady) had a party celebrating five years of her hugely successful female-motorcyclist-focused website, MotoLady, and invited me to show the Chromester in her first ever All Women’s Motorcycle show. I explained the bike wasn’t “custom,” rather customized, but she said she wanted to demonstrate different levels of what a rider can do
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Sportster Makeover?

ORANGE, CA  Over the last couple of months, I’ve been contemplating a Sportster makeover, but when Anya and Ashmore of Babes Ride Out asked me to write a bit for their blog’s Roll Call segment, the decision became clear. Here is the article as it appeared on Babes Ride Out. Or, you can read on
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Babes Ride Out

JOSHUA TREE, CA – No matter what I write here, my description of the event is going to sound cliche. Seriously. Babes Ride Out was one of those events you simply had to experience. But… I’ll give it a try. First of all, there were no pillow fights. We didn’t stand around talking about how empowered we
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The Lonely Bull: 1990 Heritage Softail

CALIFORNIA HIGH DESERT Do you know Herb Alpert’s THE LONELY BULL? If you don’t, click and listen. Ahhhh… the moody wail of Alpert’s trumpet. The tune has become our anthem, of sorts, and inspired the name for this 1990 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic, otherwise known as the Lonely Bull.

Heidi Around the World

AROUND THE GLOBE – Every once in while, an opportunity to meet someone who inspires, motivates, and awes comes along. Someone living an extraordinary life. The kind of person you don’t run across every day. Opportunities like that are great, especially if you don’t miss them like I did. I’m still kicking myself. Here’s why… Last month, during a
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Road Encounter with the Babes

MORONGO VALLEY, CA – Social media is an odd thing. I’ve made tons of virtual friends through Instagram and Facebook, many I’ve never met, some I’ve had only a brief encounter with, but somehow, I feel a part of their lives, you know? Take for example the Babes behind Babes Ride Out (an all-girl annual motorcycle campout). I’ve
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Bondorella’s Flathead

My Feller has a saying: “Nobody ever listens to old Brian!” In this case? He was right. I should have listened. When I bought my ’48 Ford in 2006, the truck had a barely running mid-50s OHV6–not the coolest motor. For Christmas that same year, Brian surprised me with a flathead, an early 50s Mercury
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Six-Year-Old Motor Doll Valentina!

BIG BEAR, CA –It’s rare to meet a six-year-old with as many experiences notched in her belt as my pal Valentina. Running with dinosaurs.  Robbing bees with grandpa.    Racing tricycles.   Wrangling airplanes.  Off-roading with her dad. Once, when she was four, she even went on an eleven day, mostly dirt trek from Colorado to
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The Great Race Comes Through Winslow!

  WINSLOW, AZ – It’s one thing to admire a beautiful car at a show, quite another to watch one drive through a charming old town like Winslow, Arizona and know this particular classic isn’t going three miles to a local root beer stand, but from one end of the country to the other. We got lucky
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The Michigan Jeep Girl!

WARREN, MICHAGAN – Everyone should own a Jeep once in their life. It should be mandatory, like elementary school, or driver’s licenses. Quite simply, a Jeep is a Jeep. There’s no mistaking one on the road. And driving one? You have to experience being behind the wheel to understand. For Krista Kunkel, aka the Michigan Jeep
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LIA Magazine’s Motor Dolls Review

ORANGE, CA – Yes, another Motor Dolls review to post! Positive reviews from (normally) impatient readers always thrill me. Check out this lovely review from LIA Magazine Editor, Julia Aschenberg. Motor Dolls Hotrods!…Motorcycles!… And A Mysterious Man in Gray! A Novel by – Lori Bentley Law I met Lori Bentley Law a few years back
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