Babes Ride Out



JOSHUA TREE, CA – No matter what I write here, my description of the event is going to sound cliche. Seriously. Babes Ride Out was one of those events you simply had to experience. But… I’ll give it a try.

Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out

First of all, there were no pillow fights. We didn’t stand around talking about how empowered we felt, or how much more badass we were than the boys. I didn’t witness a single cat fight.

Babes Ride OutBetsy Huelskamp and Chelsea Babes Ride Out

We did ride our motorcycles, laugh, and revel in the joy permeating the Joshua Tree Lake campground.

Babes Ride Out

Here’s the deal with Babes Ride Out.

See the girl on the right in the picture below?

Babes Ride Out

That’s Tiffany. I’m the crazy-eyed one on the left, and my pal Kristin (aka GreaseGirl), is in the middle. Before Saturday, we didn’t know Tiffany.

Here’s how the connection was made:

Kristin recently got her motorcycle license with the goal of riding out for this event. Sadly, she wasn’t able to get practice time, so drove Saturday morning instead (she’s smart like that).

Due to a camera battery issue, I missed leaving with a group for the day’s ride, so needed to hurry and catch up to get some riding shots. Since I have no backseat on my Sporty, Kristin would have to stay behind.

Babes Ride Out Author Lori Bentley Law

That’s where Tiffany came in.

She overheard us talking and offered to let Kristin ride pillion on her Triumph Scrambler even though they’d never so much as spoken a word. By the end of the day, the three of us had become great pals. The Squaresville Trio.

Babes Ride Out

(photo by Kristin Cline)

THAT’S the spirit of B.R.O.

Rather than trying to describe the weekend with more inadequate words, just watch this segment I put together for NBC LA (either by clinking this link, or watching the embedded video below) and see for yourself. There’s much I didn’t shoot, because I didn’t want to be intrusive, but still… I think this captures the essence and certainly shows how down-to-earth and right on the message Anya and Ashmore truly are.


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Oh and hey! If you’d like to watch the Hail Bomb’s journey from Florida to California, picking up girls along the way until they totaled seven women, check out HarleyBabe4Life’s video! Really fun!

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