Love and other such nonsense…

[Cue the mushy music…]

Over time, relationships change. Love shifts to something deeper and more meaningful. Things that were new, become old, more comfortable, easy in a way, but with a magic a new thing could never have. It happens with people, and it happens with things.

[Man! Someone must have slipped some sap into my coffee…]

But seriously… Remember when you were a kid and you’d get some new widget and you just couldn’t WAIT to show it off? You drove everyone crazy with your look at this! Ain’t this grand? 

And then something changed.

That widget became a part of you, and you no longer felt the need to show the universe. It integrated into your life so completely that you couldn’t imagine what it was like without it–quiet, and lonely, and… absent of the ever-present ode-de-40-weight.

[Kleenex please…]

Bondorella and I have found that place. Our once public relationship has become a much more personal one. a3
But that doesn’t mean Bondorella has been sent out to pasture!

Noooooo! Quite the opposite!

The term “daily driver” gets batted around a lot in the car world, people who drive their classic instead of a modern car for all of their daily driving needs. a21
Sadly, I can’t quite do that. My sexy weekday vehicle is a news van–I know, hot, right? But the weekends are made for lovers!!!

[Ew. Kind of creeped myself out there…]

Bondorella goes everywhere with me during my time off. Driving her soothes me. She is joy personified and can make a sketchy week okay again. It may sound ridiculous and romantic and maybe a wee bit hokey (okay, a lot hokey), but I’m not kidding when I say I love my truck. a13
And with that… I’ll make public some personal moments with my baby.

[Yes… essentially this post is an excuse to put up a bunch of pictures… which I suppose negates the entire “don’t need to show the world” thing…]

And then everyone… go shower off the sappiness.






Cruisin’ with


Our special parking spot at the Farmer’s Market.











My favorite passenger.



What a fine looking trio.



a20Until next time…

Later gators!

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